In addition to new electrical construction, lightning protection in Fort Myers is one of our most requested services.

Homeowners and businesses who don't want to settle for less, who are looking for professional, state-of-the-art lightning protection systems in Fort Myers turn to Division 16 because of our Harger Systems Certifications!

And who is Harger? Great question…They’re only the top dogs when it comes to Lightning Protection Systems. Harger’s experience is broad and extends over more than 50 years. Harger has designed and ensured certification of systems all across the country.

Do I Need Lightning Protection?

Florida is considered the lightning capital of US with roughly 70 - 100 days a year with one or more thunderstorms.

This makes lightning protection in Fort Myers extremely important, especially depending on what type of electronics and equipment your home or business may have.

Lightning's energy level can be difficult to comprehend. The average building's 15 amp circuit has been known to catch fire from even a short circuit. And a single flash of lightning's 30,000 amps are 2,000 times that average. That 12 volt battery in your smoke alarm? A single flash of lightning can be up to to 200 million volts!

Lightning Protection Systems

A will-designed and expertly-installed lightning protection system is key to protecting lives and property from the destructive force of lightning. These system will carry lightning currents to ground without damage to property.

A full-spectrum lightning protection system will take electrical, cable (television), telephone, and data lines into account, and include:

  • Air terminals (lightning rods)
  • Ground terminals
  • Low impedance conductors (copper or aluminum)
  • Surge protection devices